Hard Reset LG Optimus Regard LW770

LG Optimus Regard LW770 Hard Reset Solution Step by Step

To reset your LG Optimus mobile phone follow billow instructions carefully step by step:
01. Fast Phone turn the power off.
02. Press and hold the following keys at the same time: Power/Lock Key + the Down Volume Key.
03. Release the Power/Lock Key and the down Volume Key when you see the Factory Hard Reset screen.
04. Press the Power/Lock Key to confirm (or press any other key to cancel). When you press the Power/Lock Key to confirm, the message "Are you sure you want to continue with erase?" is displayed.
05. Press the Power/Lock Key and your phone will be restored to the factory settings. To cancel, press the Volume Keys.

WARNING: All your user applications and data delete, whrn performing a hard reset procedures on your LG Optimus Regard phone. So you must remember to back up your any important data before performing this procedures.

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